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The beginnings are never easy

For some time, our energy begged to be focused on an environmental build representing the Earthship design. Initially, we wanted to build an Earthship backpacker in Greece on a Zakynthos (Zante) island where I work for some time and fell in love with the locals. However, the administration and communication with the local building office proved to be close to impossible.

We then followed up with our designs in Switzerland. We looked for a suitable place or an organization to partner with; however, after being a joke to the advanced Swiss approach to construction, we arrived at a simple conclusion we need to try a different approach and maybe an alternative location. The project came to a standstill again.

By a bizarre coincidence, we came across The Lime Factory (Vápenka) in Czech Republic approximately one hour south from Prague.

A Hoffman Kiln design building that was constructed at the end of 19th century for aristocratic Schwarzenberg family. Its primary purpose was to turn limestone from a close mine (Nerestský lom) into quicklime for constructions. The lime production was stopped approximately around 1970.

At that time we knew this could be it: a "new hope" quick research about the local building code and mainly insightful information from the current owner reviled that this could be the perfect location for the environmental project awaits its creation. Few phone calls later, and just like that, the project was back on track!

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